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Recipe 5: Obi-Wan Kebabs (OH-bee-WAHN-kuh-BABz)

Posted by galacticcookers on August 29, 2010

In the About Us section, you might have noticed that we mentioned Obi-Wan Kebabs and said how they would most likely be yummy, because Obi-Wan is. So we decided to put that to the test. The first thing we did was soaking the skewers for a long time. A very long time. Because we didn’t want them to catch on fire and mutate and become a giant robot car from Japan and kill everybody. Except Gerard and Ewan and Snape and Oprah and Oprah Noodlemantra and a young Antartican hag.

Later we proceeded to cut up zucchini, red potatoes, chicken boobs, and corn. However, the corn was extremely hard to cut up and skewer and after an agonizing three minutes of trying to cut it with four different knives (not all at the same time. We are not Edward Scissorhands! Oh wait…those aren’t knives.), we asked a man to help us. He successfully cut up the corn and drilled holes in them with his power drill so we didn’t accidentally stab ourselves in the butt in our feeble attempts to skewer the corn. So, with our flame retardant skewers in hand, we loaded them with good stuff. And then we grilled them on the grill with grilling tools and grilling gloves. BUT we forgot to use THE WOODEN SPOON! What a tragedy! At least it was sitting near the grill. Better than nothin’. And when they were cooked and salmonella free, we ate them. And they were surely yummy, quite like Obi-Wan, y’know?

flame retardant skewers!

pre-cooked Obi-Wan Kababs.

Obi-Wan himself and THE WOODEN SPOON.


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